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How to create your Web3 Company or NFT Project Profile on Hired3

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September 7, 2022

Creating a Web3 Company or NFT Project’s Hired3 Company Profile is easy and free!

Our Web3 Profiles allow Web3 Companies and NFT Projects to establish their identity within the Web3 hiring industry whilst showcasing important information to attract talent to join their team.

Step One

Click on Sign in within the navigation to open our login or register popup.

Select Looking to Hire.

Easily add your email address and set your password.

You can also view our Liability Policy and Privacy Policy.

Step Two

You will then be taken to your edit profile page. Here you can provide the following information about your Company/NFT Project :

• Company Name
• Email Address
• Cover Photo
• Logo
• About Your Company
• Type of Company (e.g. NFT Project)
• Location
• Year Founded
• Size (number of current employees)
• Social Media

Fill out your information and hit update!

Step Three

Within the side bar on the left, you’ll be able to navigate to different sections of your dashboard. The Dashboard homepage will display top level information and statistics.

Select Post Job to begin posting your job.

Step Four

Posting a job is super easy. You’ll be able to post the following :

• Job Title
• Job Category
• Location (select location or remote)
• Add a Cover Image for the Job (optional)
• Job Description
• Type of employment (contract, full time, part time etc)
• Experience Level Required
• Experience Duration Required (Optional)
• Salary (Optional)

Once you’ve shared posted your job, our team will review and then publish onto Hired3.

Easy peasy! And FREE!

We’ve built Hired3 to be a great experience for both Companies and Talent.
If you have any feedback please reach out here.

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