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The Most Sought-After Skills in Web3

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September 5, 2022

Solidity Engineer (otherwise known as Devs)

Everyone knows that a project’s success pivots on its ability to execute a well planned and protected smart contract. Experience in Solidity means the developer is familiar with the programming language used by the Ethereum network (as well as other similar blockchain systems)


Attracting and maintaining the attention of buyers in Web3, as well as the establishment of a brand that has sustainable commercial value is one of the key areas for the success of a Web3 project. Marketing skills can apply to growing audiences across social media platforms as well as finding key areas to marriage market the project.

Marketing is one of those Mary Poppins bag of skills that requires an understanding of data analysis, sales and buyer behaviour, creativity and current trends!

Community Manager

Community Managers are responsible for exactly that – managing the community of a project. Skills that prepare you for this type of role include people management, sales, and customer service experience, as well as experience in moderating at a high level, the discord and social platforms of a project.

Experience in event management, as well as excellent communication skills are also highly sought-after attributes of a Community Manager.


All NFT projects require artistic content – this is in areas other than just the NFT design itself.

Art creation in its traditional and non-traditional forms are skills that flood most of our NFT social feed and digging deeper to learn about the artists’ previous activities can really showcase their skills to bring more than just the generative layered content to a project.

Skills such as familiarity with different programs including animation and 3D design come highly regarded as well as a history of graphic design and different artistic ventures prior to Web3.

Web3 Designer

Creating good websites and being fluent in coding has always been quite sought after in the Web3 space – the reason for this is just like any product or service being offered, the success of NFTs can heavily rely on the UX of both the website and giving its Holders secure and gated access to its benefits through well designed UI.

Game Developer

A gaming UI is still one of the most popular NFT genres in Web3 today – terms like play2earn were made popular very early on in Web3 and gaming utility is still one of the most focused on onboarding methods from the web2 space.

These skills remain in high demand as they can be quite varied while also sought-after for any project wanting to cater to the high number of gamers who invest in Web3, many of which make up the original audience of Web3 and its very early days.

Collaborations Manager

One of the most outsourced roles in Web3, many projects will contract Collaborations Managers to cold call on projects and have very quickly become the “telemarketers” of the NFT space.

Being a true Collaborations Manager means having the ability to build and maintain relationships, as well as having sound negotiation and organisational skills. “Selling” the project you wish to have collaborating with others means taking the time to understand what makes it appealing to various audiences and finding the alignment with projects who have like-minded communities – for the purpose of having the project’s brand awareness and community numbers grow.

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