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Writing a Web3 Resume

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August 29, 2022

Resume writing in Web3 differs from web 2 in a few key areas.
First and foremost is the infancy of the space means that not many people in Web3 are going to have an exhaustive list of roles and previous jobs they have experience in that are directly related to Web3.
Secondly, like most things in Web3, a resume should be short and concise – the only way to capture attention is to make it punchy!
While finding the right format for you is just as important as finding the right role, a useful place to start is to break it up into the following four areas:

1 – Introduction

This short paragraph should include who you are and why you are interested in the role you are applying for.
Avoid making this part cookie cut, meaning this is the part of the resume that you should edit to reflect the job you are applying for and mention why it is that this particular job interests you.

2 – Web 2 Transferrable Skills

The next part of your resume should include any skills and experience you bring to Web3 from your web 2 history.
Did you work in hospitality or customer service? This type of experience goes a long way in a role like a discord moderator as it shows your prospective employer that you are used to the service industry and will likely transfer those skills into the discord engagement you have with their members.

3 – Web3 Experience

This section is where you would list any voluntary or paid work you have done and what you achieved during your time in that role. Include references and project names for more clout!

4 – Your Availability

Include what your ideal availability scenario looks like – try to use UTC as a time zone for universal comprehension. This should highlight how many hours a week you are available and which days and hours your new employer can choose from.

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