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About Whoknows


My name is Freddie Waniek, 28 years old from Germany. I am a male nurse in a forensic hospital for about 8 years already. 

I am now for nearly 3 years in the world of Nft´s & Crypto. If i am able to, because of my main job, i always try to be as much as possible to stay active in the community.

So i do look for a new competition for myself. Based on the 3 years of experience and looking around in other communities on how and what do you need to do as a Mod or staff member, i do want to try my shot.

My interest & “know how” in the medical area would be the perfect fit for a research team member especially in the medical industry. So we do saw already big brands like Nike, Gucci, Adidas or Tiffany. So what if we can introduce companies like Johnson & Johnson, Philips Healthcare, Bayer and more. 

Otherwise I am very flexible and open for other stuff & can also offer to write or speak in german.

Thank you for listening,


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