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Crypto Marketing Maestro | Web3 Visionary CMO | Trailblazing DeFi Innovator | Blockchain & GameFi Dynamo |

About AndrewKleinSEO

Enthusiastic Web3 Marketing Leader with a strong passion for DeFi, Crypto, GameFi, Blockchain, Layer 1 & 2 Protocols, and NFTs. Living and breathing the industry since my first Bitcoin investment in 2012, I seamlessly blend professionalism and charisma as I champion data-driven marketing in both my personal hobbies and professional career.


Formerly a digital marketing & analytics expert, SEO guru, and marketing automation specialist, I have managed successful in-house digital marketing teams with a hands-on and proactive approach.


Key strengths include:


Deep knowledge of Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technologies

Expertise in SEM, eCommerce, SEO, and B2B Marketing

Mastery of Google Analytics, WordPress, Salesforce, and a plethora of User Experience & SEO tools

Adept at handling diverse client portfolios and delivering exceptional results in the DeFi, Crypto, and Web3 space

I am a high-energy, ambitious, creative, and analytical individual who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments. I excel at aggregating vast amounts of information to craft customized web marketing strategies and drive ROI. As a team player, I balance personal, team, and company/client priorities while fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere.


Additional Specialties:


Layer 1 & Layer 2 Protocol Marketing

Social Media Strategy & Networking for DeFi and Web3 Professionals

Innovative Software Solutions & Online Sales Management

Exceptional Interpersonal Skills & Communication

Project Management and Outsourcing

eCommerce Migration

What invigorates me most?

Outsmarting competitors and staying ahead of the curve with creative marketing strategies rooted in a results-driven approach. I am deeply passionate about the decentralized future and committed to driving its growth through innovative and effective marketing.


What depletes my energy?

Negative environments. I am fueled by positivity and strive to maintain a constructive and uplifting outlook in everything I do.

Work Experience

Meld Labs
Developed and executed a game-changing marketing strategy for an DeFi lending protocol & layer 1 AVAX subnet. Community following propelled up 3300% within the first year I was there.
Constructed a robust and highly engaged online community, fueling a 700% surge in active users across multiple initiatives including multiple utility NFTs drops and our ISPO
Directed marketing campaigns successfully capturing market share from incumbents such as Aave. which allowed us to obtain key strategic partners, and elevate our ecosystem value
Assembled and mentored top-tier in-house marketing teams, optimizing efficiency and fostering innovation in marketing practices
Established and nurtured strategic partnerships with prominent blockchain and crypto influencers, resulting in an immeasurable increase in brand exposure and credibility
Employed AI and machine learning tools to refine marketing campaigns, boosting conversion rates by 250% and maximizing ROI
Directory of Marketing
Devised and implemented a data-centric marketing strategy, driving a 350% increase in user acquisition, retention, and overall satisfaction
Managed a multimillion-dollar marketing budget, skillfully allocating resources for optimal ROI and growth impact across both the B2B and B2C channels.
Fostered relationships with key industry stakeholders, promoting collaboration and seamless product integrations
Supervised content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media management, and influencer marketing initiatives, dramatically enhancing online presence, brand image, and user loyalty
Increase monthly active users by 10x to the 7 figures in our wallet/app

Education & Training

Management Information Systems
Auburn University
Used my technical nature combined with Marketing to become a proficient digital marketer!
Blockchain Ethics
Certification from Sloan discussing how we can use blockchain for more than DeFi.
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time
North America