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Writer, Deep Conversation Instigator, Content Creatrix

About livpasquarelli

  • Blockchain native since 2012 back when Bitcoin was punk šŸ¤˜
  • Currently building the future of multi-chain Bitcoin at Interlay and KintsugiĀ 
  • Learning to embrace curiosity in Kernel Block 7
  • Making a Future in Sync happen at RADAR DAOĀ 
  • Writing about DAOs, NFTs, Blockchain, DeFi, and more for Tally, Wonderverse, Forefront Journal, and more



Work Experience

2022 to Now
Social Media Manager
- Creating a new strategy to engage with a wider audience on topics relating to Bitcoin interoperability
- Innovating a social media plan to expand audiences across three accounts
- Writing in-depth articles about complex technical topics pertaining to DeFi, Bitcoin, Polkadot, and other blockchain technologies
- Hosting podcasts, Twitter spaces, and live community calls about crypto news, innovation, and education
The Indie Mood
- Created an online platform for news, reviews, and interviews on everything Indie Beauty, giving a voice to small businesses around the world.
- Built an online encyclopedia of small beauty businesses as a resource for consumers to find brands that fit their interests and needs.
- Grew a social media audience of active indie lovers across multiple platforms
- Traveled to Indie Beauty Expo NY + LA 2019 as panelists with a curated shot of our favorites from the expo
- Spoke on multiple podcasts as experts in Indie Beauty
Content Director
Lessonface PBC
- Spearheaded all creative projects with Lessonface, including Social Media Marketing, new programs, pitches, and advertising.
- Planned and executed multiple paid and unpaid social media marketing campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Taboolah, and TikTok.
- Worked with over 100 bloggers to review new programs and products and write reviews.
- Resolved customer support issues as a representative through Zendesk and worked directly with students and teachers to improve their experience.
- Provided technical support and guidance through 1:1 tech support sessions and group tech support seminars.
- Managed the blog and forums for valuable content to drive new customers to Lessonface.

Education & Training

BFA in Communication Design, Minor in Photography
Pratt Institute
Dean's List Honoree
Blockchain Literacy Course
Unit Masters
Completed the 6 weeks Unit Masters Program in Blockchain Literacy
Availibility Per Week
5 hours
Seeking Opportunities
Not currently looking
Time Zone
(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time
North America