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Business and Web3 Attorney

About TheMinnesotaK


I’m a business attorney who has taken a deep dive into the NFT space. In and out of web3, I help entrepreneurs with business set up, contracts, copyrights and trademarks, hiring and firing, and lawsuits. 

My first career, however, was in design and I am also an occasional artist (always an artist, but only occasionally creating art these days). 😉

If you are a project founder or artist (or thinking about founding a project or providing artwork for a project), I would be happy to work with you on a consultative basis or directly by being your attorney of record for US based business filings and registrations, doing contract reviews or drafts (legal, not smart contracts), and other legal needs as they arise.

Some specific things I could help you with include:

Giving advice on structuring your project utility in a way that doesn’t violate US Securities and Exchange regulations

Registering LLCs or corporations in US jurisdictions

Getting your US federal ID number and setting up your company records

Drafting or reviewing LLC operating agreements or corporation shareholder agreements

Registering trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office (including global trademarks under the Madrid Protocol)

Registering copyrights with the US Copyright Office

Drafting or reviewing independent contractor agreements (including work for hire agreements)

Drafting or reviewing employee agreements

Drafting or reviewing employee handbooks and other policies/procedures

Drafting or reviewing licensing agreements

Drafting or reviewing assignment of intellectual property rights agreements

Drafting or reviewing holder use rights, website terms and conditions, and website privacy policies

Buying or selling a project (as a business sale)

Bringing a lawsuit when someone breaches a contract with you (MN, OK, WI, CO, PA)

Defending a lawsuit when someone sues you (MN, OK, WI, CO, PA)

The projects I am most interested in supporting are women-led, minority-led, LGBTQIA+ supportive, impact driven, or charitable projects. I am more favorable towards projects that are aimed at some positive change in the world, or those that help people grow or improve themselves, than those that are solely for the purpose of a money grab. I am most supportive of projects whose artwork is representing something new in the space, not copy-cats of something that has come before.

I only work with legitimate projects that will be staying in the space and delivering on what they promise. Ruggers need not even bother to contact me. To the extent that I am able, I will help victims of ruggers get whatever justice can be had.

In my free time, I like to travel, read, and create amazing things in my art/sewing/jewelry studio. I enjoy all the lovely outdoor activities that Minnesota offers year round – and yes, that includes our wonderful snowy winters. 

Reach out if you’d like to start a conversation . . . I look forward to visiting with you about your project!

Take care,


Talent Categories

Work Experience

Founding Attorney
Lucere Legal
Lucere Legal is a Minneapolis based law firm that represents entrepreneurs and their families in the areas of business law, estates and probate, real estate, and litigation.
Founding Attorney
Kimberly M. Hanlon, LLC
Kimberly M. Hanlon, LLC was the firm I founded prior to Lucere Legal. I focused my practice in the areas of business, estate and probate, and guardianship.

Education & Training

Juris Doctorate
University of Tulsa College of Law
I studied law at the University of Tulsa College of Law in Oklahoma and graduated with honors, also earning a certificate in Comparative and International Law and a certificate in Native American Law. I was also an editor for the Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law, and I was one of the select few to have a scholarly article published during my candidacy semester.
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT -6:00) Central Time
North America

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