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About SebastianHussle

πŸ”Š Smol Info: I am a Crypto Enthusiast from England with over 7 years in Finance and Crypto since 2017, during that time I learnt the space, became a professional trader and began working for several exchanges and Marketing Agencies.

❀️ Passions:
– Scaling – Plant 1 seed watch it grow until it gives you 10 back in return, then you have 11 🎲
– Optimizing – Love reviewing data from projects and funding ways to cut costs and create a more efficient pathway to our end goal.
– Systems – Creating systems that allow for users to easily reach the content we want them to or even autonomous ways to reduce labor is really rewarding!

😊 Personal life:
I love Boxing
– The Beach, I work from there a lot.
– I used to game a ton but the past year I’ve cut it down to once every now and then when I need deep thought, a kind of meditation.

Hope that allows you a deeper insight into my mind and lifestyle, look forward to working with you!

Work Experience

Community Manager
I am the Community Manager for Margex.com's Discord server.

Tasked to create the server from scratch and build a community for new and existing customers.
The server really started around January and we quickly reached our goals and made the server official, whilst bringing a positive ROI for Margex through our servers KPI trackers.

We have a fun and dynamic system in place to keep users secure and engaged with all Margex content, increasing engagement throughout all of Margex's socials.
Influencer Manager and Creative Director
Hypix Agency
I joined Hypix as it was a newly formed "Web3" agency with big plans, they had partnered with the Exchange Margex.com and I was contracted to scour the internet to create a database of every influencer possible, including multiple languages such as Spanish, German and Korean.

We had success with this until budget cuts came during the peak bearmarket and unfortunately the agency is no more.
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT +8:00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong