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Strategy and Business Operations Specialist

About Rishi

A conscientious Operations and Product Analyst with over 2 years of experience in building engaged communities, demand generation, data modelling and forecasting, fundraising, go-to market strategies, and user experience optimisation. Passionate about Clean Tech, Web3, gender equality, and building a decentralised internet.

Work Experience

Jan 2022 - Present
Data Analyst
The Fabricant
- Designed multivariate product tests for upcoming drops which improved user retention, community engagement, and facilitated platform growth
- Reduced drop off rates throughout all stages of the funnel by performing Attribution, Attrition, Cohort, and Retention Analysis
- Developed automated reports to identify key pain points which improved the percentage of active users in The Fabricant Marketplace
- Facilitated better communication of KPIs, and financials, to investors through customised automated BI reports
- Assisted in developing acquisition plans for all channels, and devised bespoke performance tracking systems to accurately measure ROI
- Analysed digital fashion trends in the Web3 ecosystem and helped formulate the pricing strategy to achieve market equilibrium
- Assisted in the development of the product roadmap by researching existing market trends and accurately forecasting areas of demand
Jan 2022 - Present
Freelance Growth Lead
Remy Sleep
- Devised and executed a new growth strategy for the introduction of 2 new products in the United Kingdom, which increased year on year revenue by 23% while maintaining a profitable ROI on marketing spend
- Implemented seven new performance monitoring systems which helped identify new KRAs and produced more actionable insights
- Managed all digital advertising channels, and implemented a new profitable omni-channel marketing strategy
- Formulated new forecasting methods which resulted in an increase in the efficiency of inventory, and financial management
- Led the pivot strategy as the company switched the 'Hero Product' from Weighted Blankets to the Remy Pod (leading to a 741% increase in sales for the new hero product year-on-year)
June 2021 - Jan 2022
Marketing Operations Executive
- Managed the digital marketing operations - campaign management and copywriting - for 5 accounts on Facebook and Pinterest
- Programmed a new reporting system that helped Campaign Managers identify bottlenecks in the funnel by focusing on the client's Marketing Efficiency Ratio
- Improved user-platform experience by providing regular updates on drop- off rates through User Journey and Root Cause Analysis
- Formulated spend/revenue forecasts to help clients maintain their inventory and scale their brand effectively
- Advanced a data-driven approach to creative refreshes which increased client satisfaction rates and boosted agency turnover
September 2020 - June 2021
Jr. Marketing Ops Specialist
- Managed ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google Analysed marketing campaign performance and presented reports using Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and Google Data Studio
- Created paid, and organic, social media copies for Facebook and YouTube Assisted in the creation of new UTM parameters to facilitate performance tracking to overcome the challenges posed by iOS 14
- Revamped the recording and reporting system to streamline performance monitoring
- Expanded Amazon operations to United Arab Emirates, Australia, Western Europe, and Japan.

Education & Training

2017 - 2020
Bachelors Of Arts in Media & Communication
Amity Univeristy
- Recipient of 50% Merit Scholarship - covering all 3 years of the programme Graduated with 9.01 CGPA - Majored in Brand Management and Marketing Communications - Gold Medalist (Indian Equivalent of Summa Cum Laude) - Received the “Best in Leadership Qualities” Award
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Open to opportunities
Time Zone
(GMT +1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris