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Web3 Community Manager, Project Advisor, Discord Moderator

About Reb

Hey, my name is Reb!

I’m 24 years old and live in Australia (GMT+10).

I’m knowledgeable about crypto, web3 and NFTs (I’ve been involved in NFTs for 2 years, Crypto since early 2018).

My web3 work has consisted of community management, moderation, collaboration management, project advisory roles and Discord management for various projects over the past year. My specialty is Community Management, often including basic moderation as well.

I genuinely enjoy seeing positive changes as a result of my work, and always do my best to ensure this happens! I have a very flexible timetable and I’m super self-motivated.

I’m currently available and interested in helping out another quality project, so please feel free to reach out!

Work Experience

April 2022 - Present
Community Manager
I've been helping grow the community, moderate the Discord, organise events/collaborations and make sure everyone has a fun time!
July 2022 - Present
Head Moderator
PUML Better Health
I helped set up the PUML Discord server and now moderate and manage it.
PUML is an existing successful brand that is working on growing a web3 following as they get closer to their NFT and Token launch!
May 2022 - Present
Surgence is a closed Discord community made up of quality founders, builders and other valuable individuals in the web3 space. We work together to share our skills, educate people about web3, and help make the space a better place for everyone!

Education & Training

Clinical Exercise Physiology
University of Sunshine Coast
I've studied part time over the past 6 years (while working my irl job). I completed some Statistics and Engineering based courses before transitioning to Clinical Exercise Physiology.
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT +10:00) Sydney, Melbourne, Eastern Australia

Holder of