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Photographer and Community Builder

About NaiboVisuals

May is an NFT artist and has been in the NFT Space as a photographer since May 2021. Her work ranges from nature, wildlife, travel, documentary, urban, and street photography. Her passion for the art of photography is to tell stories and freeze moments. May is also passionate about the conservation and preservation of nature. She wants to do her part through her art and creativity to leave the earth a better place for future generations.

May is also a community builder and leader in the NFT Space. She is a member of Cyber Baat DAO. May is one of the founding members of the Kenyan NFT Community – Mbogi Ya NFT since June 2021. May hosts a weekly space on NFTs for Social Good featuring artists and other actors in the NFT space whose ultimate goal is for the public good.

Work Experience

2021 - Present
Spaces Host
Hosting intentional Spaces for NFT artists to connect and interact on topical issues that are of concern in the NFT Space.
Creating opportunities for Women and Non-Binary Artists to showcase their work in Safe spaces.
Consistently Hosting the NFTs for Social Good -Humanitarian and Environmental Efforts
Mentoring artists and collectors into hosting roles.
June 2022
NFT NYC Speaker
Cyber Baat Dao
Participated in a panel discussion on Diversity and Inclusion within the NFT Space.
June 2021 - Present
Founding Member
Mbogi Ya NFT aka Kenya NFT Club
- Community builder and assist with administrative duties to keep the community growing.
- Assisted in growing the African NFT Community and was part of the administration team until September 2021.
- Planned, built teams, and hosted the first NFT Summit in Kenya and it is believed the first of its kind in Africa. (June 2022)
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Open to opportunities
Time Zone
(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time
North America