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Business Developer & Customer Success Manager

About Mariana

Industrial and Management Engineer. A dynamic, problem-solving & self-driven professional with extensive experience in business development, customer success, operations analysis, and project coordination. Proven track record of driving business growth and building strong client relationships at Coinshift. Currently looking for the next gig.

Work Experience

Business Operations Analyst
Apr 2020 - Sep 2021
SONAE, the largest Portuguese retailer

Lead developer of Excel data models for statistical analysis and forecasting.
Provided superior visibility of product metrics and KPIs on business intelligence dashboards.
Facilitator of meetings with the Spanish commercial team.
Continuous improvement specialist.
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator Oct 2021 - Feb 2022
Surge, web3 B2C start-up, Remote - Contractor

Core analyst in shaping Surge's product, including researching trends for women in the blockchain industry and identifying opportunities to capture their interest.
Handled the team's task management in a start-up environment, prioritising tasks using Jira Software and Notion.
Identified team requirements and communicated between cross-functional teams, providing solutions.
Social media Moderator.
Business Developer Manager
Business Developer Manager Jun 2022 - May 2023
Coinshift, web3 B2B DeFi start-up, Remote - Contractor

Spearheaded inbound project management at Coinshift, serving as the initial contact for new project inquiries. (Facilitate onboarding)
Played a key role in devising outreach strategies across various platforms, including Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Twitter and Slack.
Engages directly with project owners (collecting information about them), fostering relationships and advancing the business development workflow.
Expert in data management, managing budgets, projects, contacts, and leads. Skilled in creating insightful reports and dashboards utilising Hubspot and Excel, reporting to the Head of Marketing.
Maintained up-to-date knowledge of all product updates and enterprise software, ensuring clear and consistent communication across Social media channels.
Represented Coinshift at in-person Ethereum events, enhancing partnerships, brand visibility, and network expansion. Successfully onboarded five users and partners from these interactions.
Customer Success Manager
Customer Success Manager Jun 2023 - Feb 2024
Coinshift, web3 B2B DeFi startup, Remote - Contractor

Provided efficient client support on Telegram and Discord, attending calls and gathering valuable product feedback to maximise user experience and ensure customer satisfaction.
Supervised a team of 2 business development interns, fostering talent and building teams' success.
Conducted thorough market research to identify potential customers and expand market reach.
Developed and implemented a resilient account strategy for customer retention, ensuring sustained business growth.
Authored comprehensive, long-form content integral to the Marketing team and outreach effort, using AI tools such as ChatGPT 4.0.
Successfully integrated and managed 20 new power users into the Coinshift ecosystem, enhancing the user base and business performance.
Advanced proficiency in Hubspot Sales & Marketing Hub, optimising growth processes and marketing efforts.
Assisted in performance tracking using Hubspot, Excel and June for effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) management.

Education & Training

Industrial and Management Engineering
University of Porto
Master's Degree - Industrial and Management Engineering Feb 2019 Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal With strong emphasis and merit on Operations Research, Systems Information, Quality and Project Management. Erasmus+ Exchange Student in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain). Erasmus+ Exchange Student in Universitat Degli Studi di Salerno (Salerno, Italy).
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT) London, Lisbon, Casablanca