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Financial professional looking to pivot careers

About mamas_of_crypto

I’m an aspiring writer and marketer with over 10 years of experience working in accounting and finance. I started learning about crypto and web3 while on maternity leave with baby #2 and can’t turn back! 
I started writing a blog to document my journey, with hopes that others like me might find it helpful in breaking down barriers to building their own understanding. I hope to pursue creative opportunities full time within web3 and am thrilled to take part in building the future!

Work Experience

July 2022 - present
Created a blog to recruit and onboard women, with an emphasis on mothers, into crypto & web3. Also created social media accounts to promote the blog and build a network.
2011 - present
Finance & Accounting director
Big 4 + private side
I’m an accountant by trade but looking to pivot into a more creative and social role within web3.
Availibility Per Week
35+ hours
Seeking Opportunities
Open to opportunities
Time Zone
(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time
North America

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