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Discord Manager | Moderator | Collab Manager

About KandyMeah

I’m Kandy Johnson. A university undergraduate studying Guidance and Counselling.  

I’m smart, Confident and Bold.
I strife for a 100% in whatever I do. I love being around people and sharing ideas.

In the Web3 space, I’m a passionate Discord Manager,Collaborations Manager and Moderator.

I’ve had valuable experiences working with various NFT projects in the space. Currently working for The Awakened Woman NFT project and SheBlooms NFT.

Work Experience

07/07/2022 - Date
Discord Manager
The Awakened Woman NFT
The Awakened Woman NFT is all about Female Empowerment. Empowering web2 women into the Web3 space.

I work as the Discord Manager/Moderator here.

I did the entire server setup, from creating the categories to the channels alongside setting up the servers' verification system, brought in the necessary bots, and configured them.

I assist the ladies who are very much new to the whole NFT/DISCORD world to get in and settle in comfortably without being overwhelmed.

I answer both technical and non-technical questions.
I come up with creative challenges and ideas to keep the server active and fun.
All these I do and many more.
12/09/2022 - date
SheBlooms NFT
My job specifics are:

Join/Follow SheBloomsNFT Discord/Twitter.

Invite friends (nothing tracked or crazy just friendly invites to like minded people).

Share SheBlooms twitter posts.

Join Bloom Circle's.

Drop in discord once a day and interact with intention.

Share workshops, events and Bloom Circles.
31/05/2022 - date
Collab Manager
Nexus Voyagers
As a collab manager, I look out for other well established projects and propose a collaboration with them. I offer them some presale spots from our community.

Education & Training

Guidance and Counseling
University of Uyo
I love and enjoy my course of study as it enables me get to know why people act the way they do. As a Counselor, I get to meet new people on a daily basis, interact with them and try to assist them out of any issue they might be in.
Availibility Per Week
30 hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT -1:00) Azores, Cape Verde Islands