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Josh Habka


Chief Executive Officer of Astrochain, Round Manager of HyperDeSci, ScieNFT Ambassador

About Josh Habka

Josh Habka is an analog astronaut, science communicator, biohacker, and CEO of Astrochain based in Melbourne, currently serving as a Sophomore at the Florida Institute of Technology. With a profound passion for astrophysics, Josh Habka has carved a prominent niche in the world of science education and communication, reaching over 500,000 individuals monthly through various media platforms, including his captivating blog and Instagram

In addition to his role as a science communicator, Josh Habka is actively engaged in intensive astronaut training through the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences, preparing to contribute to groundbreaking research in unique environments such as microgravity and celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars. His commitment to knowledge extends beyond traditional academia, as evidenced by his participation in programs like the NASA L’SPACE Mission Concept Academy and the NASA Proposal Writing and Evaluation Experience.

Josh Habka is the Chief Executive Officer of Astrochain, a US-based space research company, showcases his ability to seamlessly integrate science and business, fostering collaborations and partnerships. “AstroChain is the first decentralized platform to create a blockchain database of astronomy captures to promote education, scientific research, and innovation.”(Astrochain 2024)

Josh Habka is the Founder of the International Biohacking Community, a digital community which aims to be the international hub of biohacking research, communication, publication, and innovation. The International Biohacking Community consists of over 12,000 individuals across the globe as of April 2024.

Josh Habka is pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics with a minor in Entrepreneurship, and he is currently pursuing classes in Master’s in Commercial Enterprise in Space at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Work Experience

Chief Executive Officer
AstroChain™ is the first decentralized platform to create a blockchain database of astronomy captures to promote education, scientific research, and innovation.
International Biohacking Community
The International Biohacking Community is a place where people across the globe can share information on their experiments, learning, and development on things from subdermal electronics systems to CRISPR protocols. We consist of over 12000 across the internet.
StarFM is an astronomy and space podcast by Josh Habka with new episodes every week. Topics covered are anything in the realm of astronomy from planets to blackholes to galaxies to theoretical astrophysics and more! Favorite topics is colonization of the Moon, Mars, and other Exoplanets!
Grant Round Operator
HyperDeSci is an initiative to fund space exploration and Moon settlements using blockchain technology, with a donation-based, multichain quadratic funding round for DeSci projects.
Brand Ambassador
ScieNFT is an open-access preprint server that makes it simple for scientists to share their work using NFTs that can be bought and sold as digital collectibles.
Brand Ambassador
SAI.DAO is blockchain-operated research ecosystem, aimed at making life science research accessible and equal for high school students

Education & Training

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Florida Institute of Technology
In addition to studying astrophysics, I am currently taking a graduate course in International Law in Space. This is a graduate course that requires extraneous approval from department heads of the university. I plan to continue taking graduate courses in this field as an undergraduate.
Commercial Enterprise in Space
Florida Institute of Technology
Taking graduate courses within the program as authorized by the registrar, Master's program head, and respective professors; not officially enrolled to petition to graduate until I have completed my Bachelor's degree!
Availibility Per Week
20 hours
Seeking Opportunities
Open to opportunities
Time Zone
(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time
North America