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Community Manager & Artist

About ghostcam0625

The main project I am contributing to are the cryptomonKeys on wax-chain, a fork of EOS, designed by SoggyApplePie, with a charitable and educative character and a gamified attitude.

I am one of the community managers on cryptomonKeys Discord server, as well as on Reddit, and the main contributor to the Twitter engagement.

Twitter requires posting on a regular base as well as engaging with community members and reaching out to collaborative project organizations as atomichub (main trading platform for wax-NFT) or dygycon (digital convention for wax-NFT). 

Reddit moderation includes posting valuable content as well as reviewing comments, engaging with members and keeping the community safe. 

Answering questions, providing information and offering help is my main task as one of the community managers on Discord, which is including chatting, planning and scheduling as well as executing daily, weekly and monthly events, giveaways and providing content, as well as the care for newcomers in NFT-space, since this is the main purpose of cryptomonKeys. Of course, this also includes security maintenance and the ongoing development and growth of the community over all platforms.

Also, I am a team member of the Dungeons&Banano community, assisting with the Instagram story polls and prompt writing or developing the storyline for an Instagram-choose-your-own-adventure-event.

I am also a Fanta, a minor mod on the Banano Discord server, too. Banano is a fork of NANO and also all about education, free distribution and community building.

I became a HunnysNFT HupeScouts committee member, too, helping to manage and flourish the community owned brand.

Availibility Per Week
10 hours
Seeking Opportunities
Open to opportunities
Time Zone
(GMT +1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris