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Fede R.


Community Manager - MOD - Lawyer

About Fede R.

About me in web3
Intellectual Property in-house lawyer who fell in love with Web3 and NFTs: fascinated by the new routes Web3 is opening in terms of management and exploitation of IP rights, I literally fell down the rabbit hole of endless Discord servers and degen plays (although I’m more of a hodler than a degen). 
I’m an active member in all the communities where I’ve put my trust in the Team, like Not your Bro and Psychedelics  
My journey and experiences  
Been in this space since 2021, I gained my web3 experience mainly in the pr0bably nothing Discord, where I moderate, deal with collaboration requests from other projects, and manage help tickets. I’ve also been a Community helper in the Shikigai Discord.
Currently, I’m a Community manager in PitchWeb3 Discord, and always looking for new opportunities to work in web3 and expand my skillset with new roles.
I’m based in Italy, I speak English and Italian. Basic knowledge of French and Spanish.
About me IRL
Petrolhead with a green heart, I spend most of my free time in the mountains, either on my bicycle or my motorbike. 
Professional cat petter and wine lover, you can ask Pinot & Grigio (my 2 cats) for a reference letter 😉  

Work Experience

01/2022 - current
MOD + Collab Manager
MOD, Collab Manager and Ticket Helper for pr0bably n0thing NFT project (@n0thingNFT)
04/2022 - 11/2022
Community Helper
Alpha Sage Role (Community guardian/helper) for Shikigai NFT project (@shikigai_nft)
11/2022 - current
Community Manager
Community Manager and Head Mod
Availibility Per Week
20 hours
Seeking Opportunities
Actively Looking
Time Zone
(GMT +1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

Holder of