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Community Manager & Web3 Security Auditor
Actively Looking
Collabs & Partnerships Community Management Discord Management
Discord Moderation, Community Management
Actively Looking
Community Development Discord Moderation Network Building Onboarding Education
Community Manager, Front End Web3 Developer, Marketer
Actively Looking
Community Management NFT Contract Deployment/Management Web3 Development YouTube Content Creation
Senior Moderator
Actively Looking
Community Management Community Scaling Customer Success Discord Moderating
Community + Partnerships Connector
Actively Looking
Community Management Customer Support Events Management Partnerships
Co-Founder & Project Director
Not currently looking
Community Management Founder Marketing Operations
Collector / CM / Mod / Support Women in Web3
Actively Looking
Community Management Customer Support Hypemaker Moderator
Community Manager - MOD - Lawyer
Actively Looking
Community Management Intellectual Property Moderating web3
Social Media Management and Consultant
Open to opportunities
Community Management Project Management Social Social Media
Co-Founder of an NFT project / French Translator (english and spanish) / Expert Collab manager and Community leading
Actively Looking
Ambassador Community Management Discord Expert French translator
Web3 Community Manager, Project Advisor, Discord Moderator
Actively Looking
Advisor Community Management Customer Support Discord