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Not currently looking
Design Development Product Management Smart Contract
Psychologist & Financial Analyst
Actively Looking
Copywriting Executive Coaching HR Learning & Development
Senior Product Manager
Open to opportunities
Design Thinking Prioritization & Planning Storytelling Strategy
Co-Founder of Not Your Bro
Not currently looking
Founder Operations
Community Manager, Front End Web3 Developer, Marketer
Actively Looking
Community Management NFT Contract Deployment/Management Web3 Development YouTube Content Creation
Developer & Multi-instrumentalist
Open to opportunities
AWS HTML Javascript Python
Community manager/moderator
Open to opportunities
Ask Me Anything (AMA) host, review and hunter Onboarding noobs to become a pro Telegram, Twitter, Discord community setup
Not your Manager
Actively Looking
Gadgets Nice Tech
Growth, Strategy And Management
Actively Looking
Growth hacking Management Marketing Partnerships
Business Artist and Product Marketing & Strategy Nerd
Actively Looking
Business Development Community Strategy Growth Strategy OKRs and KPIs Implementation
UX/UI Designer & Software Engineer
Not currently looking
Affinity Figma React Solidity
Admin & Data Entry
Open to opportunities
Administration Data Entry Data Management Quality Control
Strategy and Business Operations Specialist
Open to opportunities
Data Analytics Forecasting & Modelling Looker MS Excel
How are you?
Open to opportunities
communicates well detail-oriented
Chief Product Officer / Product Manager / UX-UI
Open to opportunities
Product design Product Management Project Management User journey
Web3 Strategist
Not currently looking
Buyer Behaviour Analyst Data Scientist Sales
Social Media Management and Consultant
Open to opportunities
Community Management Project Management Social Social Media
Web3 Community Manager, Project Advisor, Discord Moderator
Actively Looking
Advisor Community Management Customer Support Discord
Co-Founder & Project Director
Not currently looking
Community Management Founder Marketing Operations
Moderator and content creator
Actively Looking
Ability to answer questions Ability to grow community Ability to Host Event Ability to make web3 community comfortable
✅ Doxed ✅ Influencer Manager ✅Creative Director ✅ Accounts Executive ✅ Quick Learner 🔊 Read more
Actively Looking
Creative Discord knowledge Empathetic Experienced but always willing to learn
Project manager / Product manager
Open to opportunities
NFTs product Project Management web3