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Full Stack Developer / Blockchain Developer / Community ManagerRemote, OR

July 30, 2023

Job Description for Full Stack Developer:

We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer for our exciting Matrix Nft project. As a Full Stack Developer, you will be responsible for developing, maintaining and optimizing our web-based platform for handling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on discovery technology. You will be expected to work closely with other downtime people including Blockchain Developer and Community Manager.

Your responsibilities:

Developing and maintaining web applications for the NFT platform includes functionality to create, view, buy and sell NFTs.

Integrate with existing discovered networks (e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain) to ensure security and availability of NFT transactions.

Optimize platform performance and scalability to ensure a smooth user experience.

Collaborating with design team and UX specialists to create a user-friendly user interface.

Working with Blockchain Developer to ensure the security and content of smart contracts.

Constantly researching and finding new technologies and approaches to improve the product.


Experience as a Full Stack Developer, with a focus on web development and A collection of modern programming languages and frameworks (e.g. JavaScript, React, Node.js).

Understanding of discovery-technology fundamentals and experience with flow-networks and infrastructure (e.g., smart contracts, Web3.js).

Experience with free version control (e.g., Git) and experience with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, GCP).

A desire for self-improvement and a willingness to learn new technologies and approaches.

Communication skills and the ability to work fluently in mastering.

Job Description for Blockchain Developer:

We are looking for an experienced Blockchain Developer for an important Matrix Nft project. As a Blockchain Developer, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining smart contracts that provide a platform implementation for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on security technologies. Your work will depend on ensuring the security and integrity of NFT transactions.

Your responsibilities:

Designing and developing smart contracts to create and manage NFTs on various networks (e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain).

Securing and auditing smart contracts to prevent vulnerabilities and attacks.

Integrating smart contracts with a web application and ensuring they interact with the user interface.

Optimizing and scaling smart contracts to ensure maximum platform performance.

Working closely with Full Stack Developer and frequent team to collaborate.


Experience developing smart contracts on various platforms such as Solidity for Ethereum.

Deep understanding of discovery discovery-technologies and experience with discovery-networks and protocols.

Knowledge of cryptography fundamentals and methods for securing smart contracts.

Experience with smart-contract audits and performance.

Knowledge of version control systems (e.g. Git) and experience with bandwidth infrastructure.

Job Description for Community Manager:

We are looking for a positive and energetic Community Manager for our exciting Matrix Nft project. As a Community Manager, you are going to build and grow communities around our NFT platform. Your work will play an important role in attracting new users and arresting ties with existing manifestations.

Your responsibilities:

Building and maintaining active communities on social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord and other platforms.

Organizing and conducting contests, events and other activities to attract attention to the project and increase the number of users.

Answering questions and exceptional communications from community members to ensure a positive user experience.

Monitoring trends and crimes in the community to track user interests and concerns.

Working closely with the development team to relay feedback and ideas from the community.


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for fun with the community.

Experience managing cryptocurrency communities and expectations will be worried.

Knowledge of NFT and basic observation-technology to understand the project and answer user questions.

Creativity and ability to come up with interesting ideas and activities to attract attention.

Responsibility and self-organization to evaluate community management and check event schedules.

1 year
Work Level
Employment Type
Less Than 30 Hours P/W
2 eth / week
NFT Project
Company size
50-200 employees
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