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Content and Creator Success Manager

February 22, 2024

JS Genesis, the founding company behind Joystream platform, has built the flagship Video Streaming dApp to showcase the networks features and drive the network growth. Gleev.xyz was launched in early 2023 and was growing strength to strength since. Over the last 6 months more than 25k creators signed up and Joystream network has more than 1mln videos uploaded and available on Gleev. The dApp offers unique monetisation opportunities to creators, such as video NFT minting and engaging with their communities via revenue shares and issuing and selling their very own Creator Tokens. It is the future of content consumption and pioneering the way for the Web3 in the video streaming world. 

The Content Working Group within the Joystream DAO is managing the Gleev dapp with regards to creator onboarding and content curation. The DAO leadership team has identified the need to strengthen the creator onboarding and engagement processes and looking for a strong lead to take the reigns of the entire Content Working Group. This is a managerial role that encapsulates line management and reports to the executive leadership team, but has elements of hands-on responsibilities managing the key aspects of the platform and owning strategic communication with the creators. The close proxy of this role in the web2 world is a mix of Customer Success Manager, where the customer is represented by content creators signing up to Gleev, and Product Manager, encapsulating the responsibilities of engagement metrics ownership for the dApp. 

This is a fully remote position, which can be carried out from anywhere but requires at least 4 hours overlap with CET timezone. The role has preference for full time involvement, but can be structured as part time for a suitable individual. Reward will be adjusted to the suitable individual based on level of seniority.


  • Act as line manager for content curation and creators support workers
  • Coordinate creator community and improve creator engagement with the platforms
  • Manage homepage feed and in-app content recommendations
  • Supervise YouTube Partner Program
  • Own creator onboarding and utilisation of key platform features – Creator Tokens and NFT Marketplace
  • Own the processes, tools and reporting around content creation.
  • Collaborate with App Development team to improve creator and viewers user experience.
  • Collaborate closely with the Builders team to enhance and refine curation tools
  • Conduct data-driven analysis of Gleev on-chain metrics and provide insights on how to enhance the experience for both users and content creators.


  • Experience in tech startups as product / project / customer success / customer support manager
  • Ability to manage teams
  • Startup experience in the roles of customer success in SaaS or product manager for content platforms
  • Solid understanding of content creation and community management in the Web3 world
  • Proficient in Git, CLI, report/graph creation, database integration, and API programs (e.g Postman) for POST and GET requests
  • Strong communication skills, and proficiency in English

To get started, click on the link to apply: https://pioneerapp.xyz/#/working-groups/openings/content-10


For futher enquiries and assistance, send a mail to “joystreamhrwg@gmail.com”
or send a message in the Human Resources channel on Discord or on Telegram.

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Some Experience
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Less Than 30 Hours P/W
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