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About JoystreamDAO

Joystream is a video platform protocol; it does for video publishing what e-mail did for mail, and Bitcoin did for money. On Joystream, all profiles, videos and social interactions live on a dedicated high throughput public blockchain. Joystream is managed by the DAO and operates with an open source codebase therefore developers are able to build new applications on an existing open network effect and infrastructure, with APIs they can trust forever, unlike the current closed incumbents. This empowers them to experiment with new features, algorithms and policies that can delight creators and consumers in new ways, unlike today, where everyone is stuck with a single experience controlled by one company. Creators can build their audience and business on a solid foundation. They can sell video NFTs to capture more value from their greatest fans. And they can also issue a dedicated revenue share creator token to finance their creative projects.

Joystream DAO, a distributed autonomous organisation, is responsible for the platform governance and day to day management. This is achieved by employing technical and non-technical talent, organised in functional working groups, such as infrastructure, builders, marketing and operations. All DAO workers are fully remote and paid with the JOY token, a native asset of the blockchain. JOY is liquid and the number of exchanges it is listed on is constantly growing. 

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Graphic Designer
Less Than 30 Hours P/W
Graphic Designer
March 4, 2024
February 22, 2024
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